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DIY Mod Podge comic book earrings 
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This lovely shade of grey of a mix of white & black lip tar by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics which is a great long lasting and vegan product for the lips.
ts.o.t.d guys! i got this awesome top from Amazon for around $8 bucks , I love love loved The Munsters growing up ( and still ) and couldn’t pass on it. I paired this tee with a combo of shades from lip tars by OCC ( they were a gift from K ) enjoy my goth look ! ;)
My first ootd post :) . This would be back in November when it was a bit less chilly. Well enough jibber jabber, lets get into the details.
This basic jean jacket is from h&m , not sure of the price because I’ve had it for years. (thank god for being the same size for the past billion years)
The You SLut sweatshirt is from urban outfitters, original price $59 cut down to $30 then cut down again to $15. I hit the jackpot with that one.
The camo leggings are also from urban outfitters original price $20 but cut down to $10. You’ll notice Tina and i catch really good sales at urban outfitters.
The snap back and timbs are also from uo but were regularly priced. Sometimes its good to splurge on yourself, only sometimes!