Today’s craft day was such a success! Kristy and I have been wanting to do this for some time. She came upon the idea and finally got around to it.

For this craft you’ll need

  • Heat and Bond ( no sew ) sheets [ from michaels ]
  • Fabric of your choosing
  • Sweater/ tee to emblesh
  • Some good scissors
  • Stencils ( alphabet / shapes etc )

Now you can get started on your one of a kind piece!

  1. Depending on how big your phrase/image will cut equal parts Heat and Bond and fabric
  2. Shiny side of Heat and Bond to back side of fabric, then iron on cotton setting till thoroughly fused.
  3. Once the pieces are fused you can now stencil onto the Head and Bond your wording/image. ( remember that if you’re placing a word to write them in mirror image )
  4. Cut out what you’ll be placing onto your garment.
  5. You can now begin the placement, use fabric chalk or a light colored pencil to guide where everything will go. You can also peel the Heat and Bond from the fabric now as it won’t adhere to the garment until you apply heat from the iron.
  6. Once everything is aligned to perfection ( or just about ) apply the iron directly onto the fabric making sure to not swish around or you may move something around and stick it that way. Do this for several seconds till it’s all fused and nice.

Job well done. Hope you likes ours :)

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